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Video Review

How Does the Perfect Situp Work as a Product?

A Perfect Situp Review

There are 2 basic principles that The Perfect Situp was designed to do for the user. First is providing the perfect body positioning. The shape and design of the Perfect Situp is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It was created with the extremely thick grey padding you see for the back. So once you lay in the Perfect Situp your butt and back are comfortably resting and cradled in proper position. Your feet go into the foot cradles which create the proper angle in the knees and your head rests in its proper position as well. The curve at the bottom of the back rest even holds your butt in place so you don’t slide up or down. All of these features have the single goal in mind of giving you the perfect body position to perform a situp.

The second basic design principle that Perfect Online mentions is adding intensity so that you get more results with less time working out. So not only does the design of the machine have you in a comfortable position, but you are also setup to perform a great ab workout. When you perform a situp or crunch using the Perfect Situp, you can feel how isolated your abs are. After only 5-10 situps the burn sets in, letting you know it’s working.

I’ll admit that using the Perfect Situp takes a bit of getting used to, but that’s only because no other type of situp or ab machine works your core as much as the Perfect Situp does. Once you spend the introductory time with it, which should only take a quick 5-10 minute use of it, you’ll be fine using it in all of your ab routines.

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The Perfect Sit Up – Review – 1 Month

Perfect Situp Neck Rest

After purchasing the Perfect Sit Up about a month ago, roughly 5 weeks, I’ve learned a few things about it that I would like to share. Initially I do want to mention that it has helped me with my midsection. I wasn’t in terrible shape, but my abs weren’t perfect by any means. Incorporating it into my fitness regime 3 times a week has driven me to eat a bit better as well, more protein and veggies per meal.

Getting back to the product itself, I’ve had no significant pitfalls with the perfect sit-up even after this whole month of consistent use. Examining my core a month in, gives me the confidence to say that The Perfect Sit Up works and it works well. It is much different than many of the machines offered in typical gyms. Machines use plates of weight resistance to work your core while this device isolates the core and uses body weight as resistance.

The clicking sound by the way lets you know that you’re performing the movements correctly. The most dramatic effect this device has is on the lower abs. While it has improved my upper abs, the majority of the work is in the lower section of my core.

I’ve come to appreciate the contour of the neck rest as the best part of the Perfect Sit Up. Performing sit ups too often tends to hurt the top of my neck from the strain of the movement. Using this machine keeps it supported and quite comfortable. And I feel confident enough to say that it really is worth the cost.

Here is a Tip!

Mix up your routines when you use The Perfect Sit Up. For example, one day do regular sit ups. Another day do slow, longer sit ups using controlled movements. Then on a different day hold and tense your abs for 5 seconds both while you’re fully extended and while you’re contracted. By varying your routine, you’ll train your abs in a variety of ways and get a much more effective workout.

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The Perfect Sit-Up – Review

A Perfect Situp Review

Spring is coming sooner than you’d think. You are probably thinking about how you can get in shape now for the warmer season. Maybe you are even searching the internet with the hope of finding a great exercise regimen or helpful equipment which might fit your needs.

Looking for the right equipment to lose weight or getting those great abs might be difficult because of the big and confusing variety of training machines offered everywhere.

We take an honest look at a promising exercise equipment called “The Perfect Sit-Up”.

What is “The Perfect Sit-Up”?

This exercise machine is available from a company named Perfect Fitness. It is designed to specifically target your lower abdominals, using a patent pending spring steel back and special leg blades. For about $99 it is also quite affordable compared to many other exercise equipment out there.

What exercises can you do with The Perfect Sit-Up?

The Perfect Sit-Up basically and effectively combines leg lifts with crunches which make this exercise machine so unique. It also equipped with a range motion sensor indicating when you reached the right position while you are doing your exercises. This will always ensure that you are doing the crunches right.

In our test, The Perfect Sit-Up felt overall pretty comfortable and easy to work with.  The head rest was very solid and the hand grips felt firm and didn’t get cumbersome even after extended use.  We didn’t encounter any problems with the foot clips, even barefoot they were smooth and fit very well and comfortable. The padded back rest cushion just confirmed the overall positive impression we had from that machine.

When it came to the actual exercises, we found most of them pretty effective but had minor problems with others. For example, twisting on The Perfect-Sit-Up felt somewhat awkward due the fact that you are constrained on the machine as opposed to doing such exercises freely without such equipment.

What we liked:

  • Combines crunches and leg lifts
  • Targets those hard to reach areas
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Very good for beginners

Things we did not like:

  • Certain exercises can feel awkward

The machine is especially interesting for beginners who look for effective exercises targeting abs and legs at the same time. Overall, the impression was a positive one and we can recommend the Perfect Sit-Up.

How to Upgrade the Perfect Situp to Level 2

Perfect Situp FAQ

If you’ve been using your Perfect Situp for a few months or so and want to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, then your best bet is to upgrade the tensions rods. Included with the original purchase of the Perfect Situp are the normal Level 1 bars. Everybody gets these. After a while you might need to up the antie a bit. Perfect Online makes it easy to upgrade to the Level 2 and Level 3 bars through their website.

By heading over to PerfectOnline you can find “Perfect Situp – Level 2 Leg and Back Blade Kit” available for $19.95. As stated on their website the Level 2 blades increase the resistance and intensity level of your Perfect Situp. Included in the kit are a quantity of 2 Leg Blades as well as 1 Back Blade to increase the resistance in all three of these areas.

You’ll also notice that Perfect Online was nice enough to include some videos to help the consumer out as well. They have links to installation videos for both the leg blades and for the back blades, although I’m not exactly sure you would need them. The blades seem to go into their locked position in one direction. I don’t think it’s very difficult to do, however in case you need them they are available.

The Level 3 blades are offered in the exact same way as the Level 2, which can be found on the Perfect Online website. If you anticipate using both the Level 2 AND Level 3 blades then I would recommend opting for the “Perfect Situp Level 2 and 3 Leg and Back Blade Kit” which is $7.00 cheaper than buying both kits individually, and you will probably spend a lot less on shipping. I haven’t yet worked my way up to the Level 2 blades. My curiosity got the best of me as I was wondering how the heck you upgrade these things. So if you had the same question hopefully this write-up helps you find what you need. Let me know if you have any questions!

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